Selection of Projects


Short film distributed on national television by PBS in KQED's Film School Shorts program. Episode titled "Responsible Parties." 

Festival screenings include: Cleveland International Film Festival, Aspen Shortsfest, Napa Valley Film Festival, Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, Leiden International Short Film Experience, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, and Berkshire International Film Festival. Arlen Konopaki received a Craft Award for Supporting Actor by the First Run Film Festival.

Directed, written, and co-produced as a part of the NYU Graduate Film curriculum. Cinematography by Brian Lannin. Produced by Jean Pesce and Cathy Yan. Starring David Rysdahl, Sarah Burkhalter, and Arlen Konopaki. Also featuring Todd Bartels, Sarah Clements, and Corey Sullivan.

Learning his girlfriend Dani is pregnant, Dean is surprised, delighted, and a bit unsure. To prove himself responsible, he seeks confirmation from an unlikely source: a high school parenting test.

Film Stills:

So You Like The Neighborhood

Short film produced with Oscar Hernandez and director Jean Pesce as her graduate thesis film at NYU. Starring Tony nominee and star of Epix's 'Get Shorty,' Sarah Stiles. Premiered in 2018 at Tribeca Film Festival.

A dark comedy based on a true story about a woman facing eviction after being dumped by her boyfriend. Drowning her sorrows at the bar, she befriends some locals who offer to help her. These friendly neighbors happen to be former mafia members, and things rapidly spin out of control.


Rough Mornings

Commercial created for Craft Coffee that was used in their holiday marketing campaign. They are a coffee delivery company and roaster based in Brooklyn, NY.

Cinematography by Edna Beisold. Starring Sarah Burkhalter, Alex Gegechkori, and Valerian Kirkitadze.


Comedy Series directed by Clare, created by and starring Gibran Saleem and Shiva Bajpai. Currently in post production. 

Cinematography by Samuel Grandchamp and Myrsini Aristidou. Also starring David Rysdahl, Tanisha Long, Andrew Short, and Emily Stockdale.

Shiva Bajpai (L) and Gibran Saleem (R) on set 

Gregory and Jane

Short film made with the support of a Sloan Production Grant.

Directed, written, and co-produced as a part of a collaboration class with the Graduate Design department in the NYU Graduate Film program. Cinematography by Felipe Vara de Rey. Produced by Jean Pesce. Starring David Gibson, Sarah Burkhalter, and Adison Eisenberg. Also featuring Tara Westwood, Emily Stockdale, and Shiva Bajpai. Production Design by Caterina Da Via and Costume Design by Brynn Almli.

Gregory reaches out to his estranged daughter Jane, who must decide if she wants to reconnect with her father after years apart. These two respected and hard working researchers must turn their analysis inwards, reflect on their many similarities, and ultimately determine whether they are still able to find common ground. 

Film Stills:

Red Chief

Short film directed, written, and produced as a part of the NYU Graduate Film first year curriculum. Cinematography by Jinwei Zeng. Starring Todd Bartels, Richard Saudek, and Steven Capp.

Adapted from the O. Henry short story "The Ransom of Red Chief", it tells the tale of two brothers down on their luck who decide to hold a wealthy kid for ransom. They get in over their heads when the kid turns out to be more trouble than they can handle.


Short documentary following Marni Thomas Wood, a modern dancer, as she teaches classes to other young professionals and prepares for a duet performance with her daughter Ellis Wood to be performed at the Alvin Ailey Theater. Marni is a co-founder of UC Berkeley’s dance program in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies; former soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company; Director Emerita of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance; and Reconstruction Coach for the Graham Company. 

Directed and shot as a part of the NYU Graduate Film first year curriculum.

Fresh Air

MOS Film starring World Air Guitar Champion Matt "Airistotle" Burns and celebrated Colombian actress Laura Londoño in a story of love at first [silent] dance. Shot on Super 16mm.

Written and directed as part of the NYU Graduate Film first year curriculum. Cinematography by Jinwei Zeng.

To learn more about the actors, go to:

Airistotle winning worlds in 2016:

Music Videos 

Selection of music videos. Jackal Pack was directed and edited with the help of a Freewater Productions grant at Duke University with cinematography by Steve Milligan. The song was written and performed by Sonny Byrd of Stella by Starlight. Soul Shine Down was directed, shot, and edited for the Bad News, a hip-hop duo in NYC. The song was written and performed by Nick Name and Dash Speaks of the Bad News and produced by Daniel Lynas.


A short documentary on Demián Flores Cortés, a Mexican artist in the midst of setting up a dual exhibit in Los Angeles and Tijuana. 

Directed and Edited at University of Southern California, while participating in an exchange semester called Duke in LA: Program in Media Arts and Industries. Cinematography by Will Basanta and Clay Jeter, produced by Dinga Haines.

Adventures in Coney Island

Photo-Roman exercise tells the tale of Treeson as he tries to get to the rides at Coney Island.

Directed and shot as a part of the NYU Graduate Film first year curriculum.